Learning How the Endeavor Egypt Team Does It

Visiting Author: Sara Faqir, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager, Endeavor Morocco

During my very first weeks at Endeavor Morocco, Amine Hazzaz, my Managing Director, thought it would be a great and helpful opportunity for me to spend an entire week immersed in the day-to-day work of one of the most established and performing teams of our network.

This is how I ended up in Cairo, barely three weeks after I had joined Endeavor.

Before my visit, I had overheard a conversation between Amine and another MD about the energy and the excellent mentorship that the team in Cairo was providing for their entrepreneurs.  During my visit, my expectations were met, and even outreached.

I attended the team’s meetings throughout the week, shadowing their interactions with their network members. FOR’s, SOR’s, mentors’ recruitment session at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt…I saw all the stages of the process executed by the team; I was extremely impressed! The entrepreneurs seemed to be energized, the mentors 100% committed and the team satisfied with what had been achieved so far, but always eager to do more and think even bigger.

I greatly enjoyed my experience within the team in Cairo. They were all available and really nice to me, answering my questions and doubts, even the silliest! I loved the atmosphere of camaraderie that unmistakably pervades their offices. And most of all, I loved their “purple chalkboard”: such a girly board, for such a “Girl Power” team.


I left Cairo deeply convinced that I had made the right decision in joining Endeavor, with my head full of challenges and new ideas to implement in the Moroccan office.

Thank you Cairo and keep on scaling up!


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