The 19th Local Selection Panel was conducted on June 15th by Endeavor Egypt at the AUC Tahrir Campus

The conclusion of an intensive multi-step selection process that is the foundation of Endeavor’s model, the Local Selection Panel (LSP) brought together some of Egypt’s top business and industry leaders. The panelists spent a day interviewing 6 entrepreneur candidates to learn more about their businesses and identify those with the most potential for high-impact growth. The interviews were a part of the screening procedure for the candidates. The Endeavor mentor experts had a look at their profiles, asked questions and assessed the businesses’ and the entrepreneur’s fit with Endeavor.

In the LSP 10 to 15 Endeavor mentors sit and deliberate on selecting the candidates who then move on to the International Selection Panel (ISP). The ISP is the final step before the entrepreneur gets access to the Endeavor network, which has already transformed around a thousand companies in 23 different markets worldwide.

The Endeavor Egypt office was established in 2010 and in the last five years has played a pivotal role in helping high-impact entrepreneurs grow in Egypt.

Below is a brief description of the entrepreneurs that were selected at the Local Selection Panel on June 15:

Company: IST Networks

Entrepreneur(s): Mohamed Fahmy

IST Networks is a system integrator for contact centers that operates across the Middle East & Turkey. IST Networks is a Cisco ATP (Advanced Technology Partner) and also delivers solutions by Genesys and Avaya and aims to deliver systems that offer exceptional customer service experience.


Entrepreneur(s): Karim Refaat and Mohamed Bahaa

With NGage Consulting, complying with government regulations has never been easier in Egypt. Karim Refaat and Mohamed Bahaa, the founders of NGage Consulting, are easing the cost of doing business in Egypt by helping multinationals and large local firms navigate the tangled web of bureaucracy that has defined the Egyptian state for decades. Government lobbying in Egypt is a foreign concept, presenting NGage Consulting with a local untapped market potentially worth upwards of US$100M.


Entrepreneur(s): Rania George

Luna PAC combines beauty and science to create high quality, Egyptian-made cosmetics, personal care products and hotel amenities. Luna was founded in 1966 is a group of companies have acquired expertise in the development and manufacturing of Para Pharmaceuticals, decorative cosmetics, Flavor & Perfumery compounds (for toilet Soap, decorative, cosmetics and perfumes), as well as in distribution of all raw materials for pharmaceutical, food, oil, Soap, detergents & Cosmetic in Egypt & some Middle East countries.

Below are the rest of the entrepreneurs that participated:

Company: LYCHEE

Entrepreneur(s): Mohammad Assy

Lychee Fruit Bar seeks to satisfy the needs of the health conscious consumer who is constantly on the lookout for delicious, healthy and affordable drinking and snacking options in the busy and hectic city life of Cairo. By providing healthy products at reasonable prices, Lychee focuses on becoming part of a consumer’s regular lifestyle. The fruit bar has three branches in Cairo’s premium districts and one seasonal North Coast store.

Company: El SASTRE

Entrepreneur(s): Abdallah Zohdi

El Sastre, or “the tailor” in Spanish, is an innovative venture that offers a bespoke door-to-door tailoring experience. Customers can submit their measurements online or request a measurement service at their home and choose from over hundreds of different color combinations, collar styles and button types.

Company: KIDDLES

Entrepreneur(s): Salma Shorosh and Sherine Kharma

Kiddles is an answer to many parents’ prayers, providing a safe place for children to spend time while contributing to their education. Kiddles is an hourly drop off center where children ages 3 to 12 are able to interact and play in a secure, friendly environment. The company has an average of 3000 visitors per month and has expanded to offer educational courses, birthday parties, educational events as well as corporate events.

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