The Start of Their Endeavor

The Local Selection Panel (LSP) represents the first test in the lifetime of any Endeavor company. Some pipeline candidates (hopefully future Endeavor Entrepreneurs), are lucky enough to witness the LSP before embarking on the journey themselves. From learning how to put together a pitch to observing the dynamics of the interview to learning from the mentors’ feedback; observing the LSP is a definite eye-opener to its wide array of audience.

We got in touch with some of our pipeline candidates who got the opportunity to observe their fellow entrepreneurs survive the LSP, and in some cases get grilled by the panelists. The reactions varied from shocked to excited to worried to energised, but the one common element that the observers agreed upon is that the LSP is a much needed revelation to any business owner that helps them put
things into perspective.

First off, we wanted to get more insight from the observers on how they saw things from their perspective, being pipeline candidates themselves, and knowing that one day, it will be them sitting across the table from those panelists. Tariq Ali, Founder & Director of Zanadstressed the importance of not only having a good concept or product but also knowing how well to present it. Tariq added that the panelists “were a bit tough on candidates, but that’s actually
very helpful thing. I thought I really wanted panelists to be my mentors” .Similarly, Freddy Ghabbour, CEO & President of FRD for Touristic Investments the company behind Manoucheh, pointed out how being exposed to the kinds of questions that panelists were asking entrepreneurs will help him prepare himself for when it’s his turn to become the interviewee.

LSP Observers 2

Secondly, we wanted to investigate where pipeline candidates usually place their expectations and if there was a gap after witnessing the LSP. Rana Tarbousha, Founder of Body Bakes, said that her expectations were spot-on. Rana expressed her concern about those who did not have a direction. She mentioned that the selection criteria was not inclusive to those who were still finding their way. Maurizio Scarello, CEO of Eco Associates, expressed that it was extremely interesting and that he would be keen to attend more.

After discussing all the different angles of an LSP, we asked the candidates to identify the kind of traits that they see an entrepreneur needs to posses in order to become an endeavor entrepreneur. “A shaker and mover, an innovator and a hard worker with a clear vision” were the first words Scarello added. Tarbousha then explained that
to become an endeavor entrepreneur, one needs to be  “strong willed, extremely ambitious, creative and a giver.”

LSP Observers 2


Finally, when our pipeline observers were asked whether they would recommend the LSP observer experience to other candidates, we received 100% recommendation. All interviewed observers expressed how this experience enabled them to better prepare and plan what they should focus on when their turn comes around. Ghabbour discussed how preparing himself to accept constructive criticism is extremely important,  he dwelled on this topic stating that any negative feedback he might potentially receive is actually positive feedback in disguise since it is all for the benefit of his company.  A different preparation method was adopted by Ali who chose to focus his energy on understanding the numbers of his company and every tiny detail on how his business works.
We wish all the pipeline candidates the best of luck on their Local Selection Panel!

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