CBC Hosts Egypt’s First Televised Entrepreneurship Competition

In support of the ever growing entrepreneurial ventures by Egypt’s youth, EGBank teamed up with Egypt’s top private television channel, CBC, to launch the country’s first televised entrepreneurship competition Hona Al Shabab. Sponsored by EGBank and in partnership with Endeavor Egypt138 Pyramids and Rise Up, the competition launched in February on Lamis Al-Hadidi’s primetime talk show on CBC.


As applications were rolling in, Hona Al Shabab kicked off the competition with a panel discussion on entrepreneurship and its prospects on Egypt’s economic development. The panel featured the competition’s high profile judges Wael Fakharany, Niveen Tahri and Khaled Ismail, Endeavor Egypt’s Former Chairman. The panel also hosted Endeavor Egypt’s Chairman, Ayman Ismail, who shared his insights on Egypt’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and spokeof Endeavor Egypt’s role in supporting high-impact entrepreneurs. In the first round of the competition in March, Ismail appeared as a guest judge and cast the determining vote for the winning contestant.

With Hona Al Shabab drawing in applications from entrepreneurs from all around Egypt and across diverse industries, Endeavor Egypt supported CBC in screening the applicants to determine the short-listed top entrepreneurs who would then go on to pitch their businesses to the judges on TV. After shortlisting the contestants, CBC divided the competition into three rounds, running from March to May and each round featuring 9 number of contestants- all competing for EGP 100,000 from EGBank awarded to only one finalist. Egyptian companies Shezlong and Napata have been announced as March and April’s respective finalists, while May’s finalist will be determined on May 15th.

Endeavor Egypt also supported the competition by providing shortlisted contestants with ‘how to pitch’ sessions, led by our Entrepreneurs: Yaseen Abdel Ghaffar, Managing Director and Founder of SolarizEgypt, Amir Barsoum, CEO and Founder of Vezeeta, and Ahmed Ragab, Managing Partner and CEO of Baraka Retail Group. With their knowledge on pitching and scaling up businesses, the Endeavor entrepreneurs were able to give back through mentoring budding entrepreneurs and sharing with them their own experience as high-impact entrepreneurs.

The final episode will air on CBC on May 24th featuring the top three finalists of the competition, only one of which will win a grand prize of EGP 1,000,000 from EGBank. Stay tuned!

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