2016 Local Impact Results

As Endeavor Egypt entered its ninth year of its mission-led work in Egypt in 2016, we’re happy to share and celebrate our impact last year in numbers.

In 2016, Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneurs collectively generated more than EGP2.2 billion in revenues and have created a total of 6,484 jobs to date.

As an organisation that is leading sustainable economic development in Egypt through the support of high-impact entrepreneurs, we’re excited to be witnessing such tangible impact that is directly contributing to the creation of wealth and employment opportunities in the local economy. With 40% of Entrepreneurs’ businesses today maintaining presence outside of Cairo, this is further evidence of the impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs are making in Egypt.

In a clear sign of market validation of Entrepreneurs’ inspiring leadership and scalability of their businesses, almost a third of Endeavor Egypt entrepreneurs have received external financing, raising to date nearly $23 million.

The impact of Endeavor Entrepreneurs goes beyond entrepreneurs’ businesses and ventures. In addition to charitable activities, 75% of Endeavor Entrepreneurs in Egypt have given back to the entrepreneurship ecosystem by sharing their learnings with others; mentoring other budding entrepreneurs or engaging in workshops, talks and activities where their expertise and knowledge are transferred and shared widely.

Endeavor Egypt is very proud of the accomplishment of Endeavor Entrepreneurs- since selection but in 2016 in particular. Against the unfolding and ongoing economic reforms and the challenges they pose, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are able to scale, grow, multiply their impact and giveback to the community and to wider-ecosystem; truly standing out as inspiring role models.

Endeavor Egypt aims to drive sustainable economic development through supporting local entrepreneurs.

Impact Results 2016 Newsletter

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