Endeavor Celebrates AAP Graduates

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After successfully completing their Analyst Accelerator Program (AAP), five of Endeavor Egypt’s top performing Analysts – Nesma Deghady (AUC, 2016), Nadeen Hassan (SOAS, 2016), Khaled Issa (graduating senior, Ain Shams University), Zeina Fouda (AUC, 2016) and Mostafa Gad (Dalhousie University, 2016)- were invited back to the office to receive their Certificates of Achievements in recognition of their exceptional performance and contributions to Endeavor’s work in Egypt.

AAP is Endeavor Egypt’s flagship internship program running year-round in cycles of three-to-six months with a mandate to provide fresh university graduates and graduating seniors with a unique hands-on learning experience that better prepares them for life after college. Through a rigorous and strict selection process Endeavor Egypt attracts the most promising talents for its AAP program, typically representing 10% of applications received every cycle.  The selection process involves an initial screening followed by an Assessment Day for short-listed candidates and 1-on-1 interviews with the program’s in-house Guardian and Endeavor’s Managing Director.

Once selected, Analysts are placed in Endeavor’s Entrepreneur Selection and Growth (ESG) team or Communication and Development team. Upon assignment, Analysts are put on a path that fast-tracks their analytical and strategic thinking and acquisition of core inter-personal, functional and employability skills through a host of work assignments.

By engaging with High Impact Entrepreneurs, Endeavor’s Mentor network of C-Suite executives, and partners, Analysts get to work on real-life case studies in various areas such as Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Talent Management, Capital Raising, Story-Telling, etc. Analysts work in close proximity with the Endeavor Egypt team that provides on-going supervision, and feedback which is instrumental in performance tracking and enhancement.

“The program serves two main purposes,” explained Mariam Zeinhom, Endeavor Egypt ESG team member and AAP’s in-house Program Guardian. “On the one hand, AAP offers a unique career development and skill-building experience for students fresh out of university. On the other hand, we are keen on enabling a meaningful experience for university graduates that well positions them in an increasingly competitive job-market, and contributing to making available a pool of value-driven and skilled talent to an ecosystem that often identifies access to talent as a major hurdle and challenge,” Zeinhom added.

After graduating from Dalhousie University in Canada, Mostafa Gad joined Endeavor Egypt as an Analyst in 2016. After completing the program, Mostafa moved on to join the Business Development team of Endeavor Entrepreneur Company SolarizEgypt, a leading player in Egypt’s burgeoning solar energy space led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Yasseen Abdul Ghaffar.

“Encounters with Endeavor’s high-impact businesses opens up for Analysts new avenues for future career destinations that are different but equally -if not more- rewarding from those typically pursued in more global and multi-national players,” said Mohamed Rahmy Endeavor Egypt’s MD.  

Endeavor Egypt is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to driving sustainable economic development through supporting local entrepreneurs. Analysts, through the program and work assignments, play an active role in advancing Endeavor’s mission, and contributing to leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement- in Egypt and around the world.

“Go for it! You will feel like you are part of something, making a difference in entrepreneurs’ lives and businesses.  It’s like you’re doing an MBA, you are exposed to a case every day and you listen to an expert solve the problem,” said Nesma Deghady, AAP Analyst Dec 16 – March 17.

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