Ahmed Ragab, CEO of Baraka Retail Group, joins Endeavor’s 74th ISP as a GAP Candidate

As Endeavor’s 74th International Selection Panel (ISP) kicked off in Brooklyn, NYC last month bringing together 20+ companies from around the world to go through their final selection milestone, Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneur Ahmed Ragab, CEO of Baraka Retail Group, joined the ISP as part of Endeavor’s Global Acceleration Panel (GAP).

GAP is a special program that gives selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs the opportunity to go back to an International Selection Panel and receive a fresh dose of feedback from Endeavor Panelists.

Ragab had joined the Endeavor Network in December 2013 after successfully passing Endeavor’s 51st ISP in Dubai, UAE. Since then, Ragab has embarked on an exciting and inspiring journey to lead the growth of his business from a designer and importer of high-quality eyewear in Egypt to the major fashion retail group that it is today with a portfolio encompassing a wide array of fashion brands and operating 50+ stores. In a major milestone, in 2016 Baraka Group announced a partnership with the UAE’s Apparel Group broadening Baraka’s brands access to the promising GCC markets. In May 2017, Baraka Group received the “Middle East Retailer” award in the Global RLI award in recognition of its contribution to the industry.

Ragab’s attendance of GAP comes in response to a new inflection point his company is experiencing. “It is a remarkable experience, allowing Entrepreneurs to brainstorm and share progress achieved with iconic global calibers, helping me ensure about the progress made and expanding it to new levels,” Ragab explained.

At the Brooklyn ISP, Ragab engaged with the same internationally esteemed and diverse group of panelists (including Global Board Members, Local Board Members, top Mentors, and other VIPs) who are at the ISP to select the next group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Just like ISP candidates, Ragab and other participating GAP candidates went through interviews that probed their businesses and future growth trajectory.

“I’d do it again if there’s a chance. It highlights threats and how to overcome it, and guides you to new opportunities and dimensions. As an Endeavor trademark, it is always positive, energetic and insightful,” Ragab added.

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