5 Reasons Why You Should Bookmark the Endeavor Egypt Blog

1. We have an All-Star Editorial Team

Endeavor has the ability to attract the best and the brightest all over the world. Egypt is no exception! I consider myself lucky to be working with such an accomplished team here in Cairo. Though small, we collectively have experiences spanning international healthcare giant firms such as Bupa International, technology brands such as IBM & Google, private equity and organizations from the heart of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

But mostly what makes this team unique is the passion and enthusiasm each team member has about entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our team plunges right into our entrepreneurs’ stories and businesses and become insiders in no time.

Expect our team to bring you real life unrivalled quality stories and insights from the entrepreneurs we work with and know so well.

Meet the team

2.It Takes One Great Entrepreneur To Know One

Endeavor prides itself in having an extremely rigorous selection process; applicants accepted through Endeavor are on average 10% lower than the acceptance rate of Harvard Business School!

More and more Endeavor Entrepreneurs are becoming case studies of entrepreneurial success – locally, regionally and globally. Their super-sized influence on the progress and success of their local entrepreneurial ecosystems is often the result of their mentoring, investing and inspiring of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

It takes a very small group of high-impact entrepreneurs to be the catalysts of the next Silicon Valley in Cairo, Johannesburg, or Lima. Using this platform, we’ll highlight some of their stories, showcase their success and hopefully have that be an inspiration for you to follow suit!

3. Our Network of Mentors is Worth Gold

Close your eyes… Take a deep breath… Think the top 5 business leaders in Egypt! Done?

My bet would be 3 out of the 5 are part of the Endeavor Network. Our Network of mentors includes the top business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and investors in Egypt and around the world.

We’re creating a platform where you can access these great mentors just like us. Expect many of them to be visiting writers on this blog in the coming months.

Here’s a little sneak peak to some of the folks we’re lucky to have in our network:

4. Keeping up with what’s happening is hard work, let us help

 Five years ago, one could safely say that there was hardly a support system for entrepreneurs in Cairo…let alone Egypt! Times have changed and as the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem grows and becomes more mature, more things and activities are going to start taking place.

Don’t worry about not being able to keep up, let us be your guide into and around the ecosystem. We will keep you informed on events we attend, things we hear and exciting new trends.

5.You can be part of it all

 We want to get to know you and your passions. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and can be an Endeavor Entrepreneur, maybe you’re a mentor with knowledge and expertise that wants to help entrepreneurs, maybe you’re part of the ecosystem and can play a role in continuing to grow this ecosystem with us!

Whatever your motivation, we’re excited to hear from you! So let this be a place for us to communicate and get to know each other better. Follow us on Facebook Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news from the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. 

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