Sameh El-Sadat & Alaa Hashim Convene at Stanford-Endeavor ExecEd Program

Upon their return from Stanford University attending the Endeavor Innovation & Growth Program done in collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business from August 19-24 2018, Endeavor Entrepreneur Sameh El-Sadat and Endeavor Mentor Alaa Hashim look back and reflect at the experience and what inspired them during the program.  


“Mind blowing and re-energizing experience!” said Endeavor Entrepreneur Sameh El-Sadat, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of The Bakery Shop (TBS), summed up his experience at Stanford University.

El-Sadat was among the 41 Endeavor Entrepreneurs who participated in the 2018-round of the Stanford-Endeavor program. For the seventh consecutive summer, a group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs and network members (Entrepreneurs' senior staff, Mentors) would make their way to Stanford University from Egypt and all four corners of the world to attend this week-long exclusive and tailor-made program for their scaling up businesses, designed to help them drive innovation and build leading companies in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

“The program is made up of a mix of lectures and workshops that are perfect for our current scale-out stage [covering] key areas [such as] product-market fit, scale-out strategies such as partnerships, team building, product design and fundraising,” said Nour Shawky, Endeavor Entrepreneur Co-Founder of Softec Technologies Group, as he reflected back at his own experience having attended the Stanford-Endeavor program back in 2017.

The design of the program’s curriculum, taught by the same renowned GSB faculty who teach in the MBA program, offers program participants an optimal experiential learning opportunity.

“Reading well thought of case studies, studying in competitive groups and telling personal as well as business stories, from Latin America to Asia, coupled with guidance and mentorship from top notch Stanford professors enabled us to reflect, relate and plan actionable steps upon our return to our home markets,” explained El-Sadat. This was also echoed by Alaa Hashim, Endeavor’s stellar high-impact Mentor who attended the Stanford program this year, saying that the “case studies, the material, the thoughtful discussions and debates facilitated by the world-class professors was both valuable and incredibly eye-opening.”  

But for Hashim there was more to the experience.  

Hashim, Founder and Executive Partner of business-transformation and investment management firm Transcendium who today sits on multiple boards and advisory boards with 20+ years of executive experience, was particularly inspired by the Peer-to-Peer engagement that happens throughout the program.  “It was refreshing and extremely valuable to me to be back in business school amongst such a unique, diverse and global cohort of entrepreneurs- engaging and exchanging ideas and sharing experiences,” he added.  


 Hashim has been actively engaged in advancing Endeavor’s mission as an Endeavor Mentor through selecting and help scaling successive cohorts of high-impact entrepreneurs, having donated more than 60 hours of Mentorship in the past three years alone and having developed countless Mentor-Mentee relationships with Endeavor Entrepreneurs around the world. However, being in the same classroom and study-groups with the entrepreneurs, as a peer rather than a mentor, was something he hasn't experienced before with Endeavor. "At Stanford, I was in the same study-group with a company from Greece that I had reviewed last year.  Engaging with its founders at Stanford, in such setting, added a completely different light to the dynamic of our engagement, helping forge new types of connections to the relationships that we had already developed.


The Stanford campus and the surrounding environment of Silicon Valley also provided an extraordinary setting with access to the area’s leading tech hubs adding a unique dimension to the learning experience. “The networking and meetings with experts and leading venture capitalists from the Valley was very beneficial,” said Hashim.

As the program concluded participants took the experience, connections and all the learnings back home to reflect on them and plan how to turn some of these into actionable items in their companies and ventures.

“Great experience and amazing group! Highly recommended to every Endeavor Entrepreneur, especially those open to diversity and continuous learning,” said El-Sadat.

In addition to the 'Stanford GSB- Endeavor Innovation & Growth Program', Endeavor also annually runs the 'Harvard Business School-Endeavor Scaling Ventures Program' together aiming at offering world-class leadership development opportunities to Endeavor's network of 1300+ high impact entrepreneurs around the world. From Egypt, past participants in either programs had included founders of Imtenan Health Shop, TA Telecom, Baraka Retail Group, Inertia, Crave, and Matter.

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