Endeavor Egypt Launches 2017 Impact Report

Endeavor Egypt is happy to announce the launch of its 2017-18 Impact Report, highlighting the important role played by Endeavor Entrepreneurs in catalyzing long-term economic growth in Egypt through the job and wealth creation impact of their companies, and through their own giving back to Egypt’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In 2017, Endeavor Egypt’s network of scaling-up high impact companies generated more than EGP3.9 billion in revenues, contributing approximately 0.11% of Egypt’s GDP, and have created more than 8,800 jobs to date. Endeavor Egypt today supports 44 entrepreneurs, leading 29 sector diverse companies, selected from more than 500 screened companies that have gone through Endeavor’s rigorous, multi-staged, mentor-led selection process. 

In addition to their direct economic footprint, entrepreneurs’ ecosystem impact is also visible through their ongoing engagement with local startups. Eighty five percent of Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneurs have actively mentored other startups in 2017, and 40% have led workshops, talks or speaking engagements in the various ecosystem events and programs, supporting and inspiring Egypt’s budding entrepreneurs. 

The 2017 Impact Report also shed light on the the significant contribution that family-owned businesses and women-led businesses make to advancing Endeavor’s high-impact entrepreneurship movement in Egypt. Hailing from diverse sectors and industries, 20% of Endeavor Entrepreneur companies in Egypt are women-led, and more than a third are family owned-controlled. 

As Endeavor Egypt celebrates 10 years of high-impact entrepreneurship in Egypt it does so while recognizing the valuable contributions of its network members who collectively help advance its mission locally, including Endeavor’s network of 70+ mentors whose strategic guidance help Endeavor Entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In 2017-18 Endeavor Mentors donated more than 1,130 hours of counsel to Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneurs. 

Endeavor Egypt is proud to see the accomplishments of its Entrepreneur network. In scaling their businesses, Endeavor Entrepreneurs directly contribute to economic growth and multiply their influence by becoming inspirational role models and reinvesting in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Endeavor Egypt aims to drive sustainable economic development through supporting local entrepreneurs. 

Check out the full report here


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