Almouneer and WellSpring Presented as Case Studies in AUC

 For the second year, Endeavor Egypt built on its successful collaboration with the American University in Cairo’sSchool of Business to connect graduating business seniors in the Business Planning and Strategy (BADM 4001) course with real-life Egyptian case studies from its network of high growth businesses. 

Taught by Alaa Hashim, AUC Adjunct Faculty, Transcendium Executive Partner, and Endeavor Mentor, the class featured Almouneer, led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Noha Khater and Rania Kadry, and WellSpring, led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Maged Fawzy, among the companies that student groups studied throughout the semester. 


Through its learnings, the class encourages students to develop business strategies and business plans for different organizations. This semester’s case studies, including Almouneer and Wellspring, examined the companies’ business models, internal capabilities and industries to identify new growth opportunities, culminating into setting a five-year strategy that aims to quadruple the company’s free cash flow. This strategy was presented by student groups to a panel of judges that included the entrepreneurs for their review, probing and feedback. 

“It’s a great way to challenge the students’ thinking and also very beneficial for the companies that are taking part,” said Rania Kadry, Co-Founder and CTO of Almouneer. “We get fresh perspectives on issues that we may have been too involved in to be able to see a different, out-of-the box solution.” 

Almouneer is Egypt’s first diabetic retinal care center and provides medical services to improve the quality of life and prevent vision loss for diabetic patients. Founded in 2014, the company has since scaled to three branches across Cairo. The case study on the company offered insight on Almouneer’s management and financial models and explores how it can further scale across Egypt. Recently, Almouneer was also selected as a case study at INSEAD for its innovative business model and social impact. 

Operating in the education sector, WellSpring offers unique experiential learning experiences for Egypt’s youth through education, training, and family and character building activities for all ages through customized camps. With over 13 locations serving over 200,000 children, the case study uncovered various prospects for WellSpring’s operational expansion. 

“It is important to engage with new generations of students to help empower them to see and understand the practical side of business,” shared Maged. “Seeing their research and strategy recommendations helped us gain a new outlook on our expansion strategy.” 

As the students presented, the panel of judges assessed the research conducted and evaluated the various strategies considered, proposed and recommended by the student groups for the entrepreneurs. This was followed by a high level discussion during which the panelists probed and challenged the students’ recommendations, before concluding it with feedback delivery. The Endeavor Entrepreneurs alongside Alaa Hashim, Mohamed Rahmy, Endeavor Egypt Managing Director, and Mohamed Shazly, Senior Transformation Analyst at Transcendium, were among the evaluating panelists.   

“By getting feedback directly from the entrepreneurs, students can bridge the gap between the strategies proposed on paper and their application in reality,” said Alaa. “It was fantastic to see that interplay between theory and practice throughout the panel discussions with the entrepreneurs.”

By sharing insight and challenges with students through offering their companies as real-life case studies, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are actively contributing to maximizing entrepreneurial knowledge-share among students who represent the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors, and better preparing and equipping them for post academic life. 


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