5 Awesome Traits of Egyptian Entrepreneurs

The Endeavor International Selection Panels (ISPs) are where Endeavor candidates from around the world get selected to become part of our global network of high impact entrepreneurs. In 2014, an impressive 8 out of 9 entrepreneurs were selected from Egypt and here are some of the characteristics they all share:

Ambition is the path to success…

There is no doubt that being ambitious is a prerequisite to being a successful entrepreneur anywhere in the world. But finding ambition and maintaining it in the midst of a turbulent economic climate, traffic, daunting legislation and chaotic everyday life is definitely not easy. Yet despite the complicated conditions, all of our entrepreneurs have, and continue to, grow and expand their businesses because they have a raging fire from within… followed through by determination and hard work.

…persistence is the vehicle you drive in

The Endeavor selection process is definitely known for being rigorous, but the moment you get selected is definitely an unforgettable one. And like the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed then try and try again. A handful of our amazing Entrepreneurs did not get selected at their first ISP and 20% of our global portfolio are “come-back candidates” who went back, worked on the milestones set by our mentors and came back bigger and better than ever.

Resourcefulness or “El Fahlawa”

Have you heard of the brother and sister duo who flew in cupcakes overnight from Cairo to Istanbul as a challenge by one of their panelists at an ISP? Challenge Accepted. Cupcakes flown on an international passenger flight and delivered in perfect condition! All done because we know how to utilize contacts and pull strings to make things happen. ‘Fahlawa’ is sometimes used in a negative context, however being among entrepreneurs from around the world it is very evident that our entrepreneurs are definitely resourceful. There is no challenge too big for our Egyptian egos, and we will always find a way. In a country where limited resources is a reoccurring issue across various industries, Egyptian Entrepreneurs know how to maximize efficiency with what they have readily available.


Laila & Adel Sedky of Nola Bakery being interviewed by Rob Reib and Nic Kohler at an International Selection Panel over internationally delivered cupcakes!

  Top Performers

We live in a climate that can easily be demotivating, we have established that earlier in the post. Some may assume that Egyptian Entrepreneurs attending the ISP may not be of the same caliber as those attending from more economically advanced countries & markets. Unfortunately, this assumption is made by none other than ourselves and it is time to regain confidence in our healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem: All 5 of the Egyptian Entrepreneurs who attended the last 2 ISPs were selected and all 5 of them were top scorers in their respective panels based on our selection criteria.


Founding & operating a business, is a success on its own. But it doesn’t just stop there, our entrepreneurs focus on a lot more than just their bottom line and that is what differentiates them from the rest. Why do we call them “high-impact” entrepreneurs? Because they are industry leaders who have long-term visions of revolutionizing the spaces in which they operate. They reach for the stars, creating high value jobs and impacting long-term economic growth on their way to the top. They inquire, imagine, innovate, inspire and always challenge the status-quo.


From left to right: Mohamed Abbas, Ayman Ismail, Majd El Sherif, Dina Aly, Adel Sedky, Laila Sedky and Norhan El Sakkout at 55th International Selection Panel in Istanbul, Turkey

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