What happens at an Endeavor International Selection Panel?

It all comes down to this. This is where you make it or break it. This is where all the hard work pays off. The International Selection Panel (ISP) is the final step of Endeavor’s rigorous multi-step Selection Process.

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Endeavor held its 57th International Selection Panel in Singapore from February 4th- 6th bringing together twenty-eight successful entrepreneurs from 9 different countries, international industry experts and global business leaders. Only 3 months into Endeavor and I was already lucky enough to attend the most anticipated event of the Endeavor selection process.

International Panelists from 10 countries flew in to interview entrepreneur candidates about their companies and their potential to scale up and promote high-impact growth, and then deliberate afterwards on whether or not the candidates fit the Endeavor model and should become Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

After 3 days of intense interviews, delicious food and exciting networking, twenty-one entrepreneurs from fifteen companies and nine countries were selected into the Endeavor network at the panel, including our very own Egyptian company MoriCo, founded by Hossam FahmySherif Gad and Tamer el El Leithy. The three entrepreneurs are the masterminds behind four trend-setting restaurant concepts including the famous Mori Sushi, Mince Burger and Tamara Lebanese Bistro. Check out the official press release to learn more about the rest of the newly “Endeavorized” entrepreneurs and their stories.

The selected entrepreneurs weren’t the only ones who got “Endeavorized”; first time panelists, observers, even staff members including myself were amongst the victims of the Endeavor bug. Despite the fact that I had already been working at Endeavor for a couple of months, I was only fully “Endeavorized” once I attended the ISP. I used to think the ISP is simply another step, in fact the final step, in the entrepreneur selection process. But it’s more than that. Much more.

I wasn’t participating as an entrepreneur but I still feel like I benefited from it as much as they did. I got to meet and connect with so many different business people and international industry experts, each with their own background, their own story, their own mission, but more importantly their own personalized feedback and advice. Sitting on these panels and listening to what the panelists have to say and how they evaluated these companies turned out to be much more valuable than I expected. Being surrounded by all these talented and intellectual people from all over the world, sharing their ideas, stories and insight is such a unique experience; you do it once and you immediately know you have to do it again.

The ISP is intense and overwhelming. A lot of hard work goes into it, but it’s all worth it. No matter what the outcome is you’ll still think it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to you as an entrepreneur. The ISP is also very exciting, inspiring and motivating. The people you meet there automatically become your extended Endeavor family. One entrepreneur even compared Endeavor to a school, where entrepreneurs are the students and panelists are the teachers. For him, being selected as one of the twenty-one Entrepreneurs felt like graduation.

This is to all the newly “Endeavorized” Entrepreneurs: Happy Graduation

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