Our Mentors are world-class CEOs, business leaders, investors, academics and entrepreneurs that support Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Endeavor candidates by sharing their experience and knowledge, driven by a desire to give-back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem owing to the role Entrepreneurs play in catalyzing economic growth in Egypt.

Mentors encourage entrepreneurs to not only grow, but also multiply their influence by giving back to the next generation of business leaders.

business leaders mentor Endeavor Entrepreneurs
hours of mentoring council by Endeavor Mentors globally in 2017-18
hours of mentoring by Endeavor Egypt Mentors in 2018

What makes this mentorship structure this special is how giving people are with their time and how transparent they are with sharing their experiences

Chris Khalifa CEO, Zooba

Supporting small and medium-sized businesses is one of the best ways to giveback to this country

Khaled Bichara Managing Partner, Accelero Capital

Supporting will actually have a multiplier effect in terms of job creation, in terms of improving industry competitiveness, in terms of improving general added value to the economy

Alaa Hashim Executive Partner, Transcendium