Aly ElAzhary

Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Aly started his full time career in KarmSolar where he led negotiations for solar stations across different industries. After this Aly spent 2 years in Raya completing various job rotations in the commercial field in 3 of Raya’s 13 subsidiaries. Ali’s time in Raya started in conjunction with him joining Injaz’s incubation program to launch Tenjin aiming to make high quality online educational to high-school students. This informed Aly’s move to Noon Academy (an Endeavor company) to lead the launch of international curricula on the platform. During 2015, Aly joined Endeavor Egypt as an analyst and completed a summer internship at Endeavor’s head office in NY. Aly ElAzhary graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from The American University in Cairo. He also studied abroad for a year in University of California, Santa Barbra. Aly’s love for travel, movement and meeting new people leads to his typical days being all over Cairo, Egypt or even the world!