What We Do

Endeavor strives to identify and select High-Impact Entrepreneurs to catalyze long-term economic growth driven by our founding belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs.

Who is a High-Impact Entrepreneur?

High-impact entrepreneurs are as those with the biggest ideas; the greatest potential to achieve meaningful scale; and the ability to inspire, mentor, and reinvest in the next generation. Today’s high-impact entrepreneurs often innovate through tech-enabled platforms, products, and services, thereby creating the jobs of the future.

Selection Criteria

We carefully screen and select High Impact Entrepreneurs who will further Endeavor's mission by assessing the Entrepreneur, the Business and the Timing.

Entrepreneur Candidates that have innovative ideas, dream big and are willing to reinvest their time and money in other entrepreneurs to help them grow.

Business Companies with an innovative business model and potential to create wealth and jobs, and scale regionally and globally.

Timing Companies that are at inflection point and are able to grow with help of the Endeavor team.


Selection Process

Through a rigorous, multi-step mentor-led selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to identify those with the best talent and potential for impact.

To date, Endeavor has screened more than 70,000 individuals and selected more than 1,900 founders leading over 1,100 scale-up companies.

Our Services

Post-selection, Endeavor offers entrepreneurs an array of services that help them think bigger, smarter and achieve their high-impact potential.

Why choose Us?

Radical Feedback

Step outside of your day-to-day operations to get feedback and a 30,000-foot view from local and global experts about your company, your market, your team, and your role as a leader.

Why choose Us?

Community of Entrepreneurs

Join the most vetted and international community of high-impact entrepreneurs to connect, share experiences, explore opportunities through peer-to-peer Endeavor events, retreats, and the exclusive Executive Education programs at Harvard and Stanford.

Why choose Us?

Access to Capital

Get support to raise equity by perfecting your pitch and valuation, attend private road shows with our network of over 200 top VC firms, and have a guarantee that Endeavor Catalyst will match an investment in your company with up to $2 million* — and will help you raise the rest.
(*Rules-based investment process)

Why choose Us?

Industry & Market Experts

Take advantage of a network of 3,000+ industry leaders and CEOs, in any field and in 30+ countries, at your disposal. Set up a one-on-one mentoring session with any of the worldwide mentors, join your community in an industry tour or webinar, set up a formal advisory board of top mentors for your company, and benchmark your company metrics with the aggregated metrics of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

Why choose Us?

Dedicated Talent

Benefit from a team of highly motivated individuals working at Endeavor dedicated to helping you succeed. Get access to interns from top MBA programs and senior managers from EY and Bain that spend their sabbaticals working with you on specialized projects.

Why choose Us?

Multiplying Your Influence

With Endeavor, you’ll amplify the reach of your story via media and conferences, share knowledge as a role model and mentor, and reinvest your earnings as an angel or venture capitalist in the high-impact entrepreneurs of the future.

Endeavor Catalyst

Endeavor Catalyst is Endeavor’s innovative co-investment fund that provides equity capital at the venture and growth stages to qualifying Endeavor Entrepreneurs through a neutral, rules-based process. By co-investing in the very entrepreneurs the organization supports, Endeavor Catalyst allows Endeavor to create a unique opportunity to become financially self-sustaining.

  • Investments in Endeavor Entrepreneurs fuel the growth of high-impact companies, creating new jobs, driving revenues, and fostering economic growth in the places that need it the most.
  • Proceeds from Endeavor Catalyst provide returns to investors while facilitating Endeavor’s expansion into new markets and funding the development of critical infrastructure to support growing operations.

Launched in 2012, Endeavor Catalyst has $110MM+ in capital under management. As of June 2019, Endeavor Catalyst has co-invested in over 115 companies across 25 markets with six full exits and four “unicorns” in its active portfolio.

You can see the 2018-2019 Endeavor Catalyst Annual Report by clicking clicking here →

Endeavor Insight

Endeavor Insight was formed as Endeavor’s in-house think tank to study the growth of entrepreneurship ecosystems both where Endeavor had launched and around the world. Endeavor Insight pioneered the use of ecosystem tech maps, which chart the influence and of entrepreneurs and companies, and have empirically demonstrated the influence of Endeavor Entrepreneurs in markets from Buenos Aires to Istanbul. Today, Endeavor Insight’s research on entrepreneurship serves as a resource to high-impact entrepreneurs, VCs, policymakers, and more.

Check out the reports here →