Who We Are


Established in 1997, Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to drive economic growth and job creation by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when barriers to entrepreneurship were nearly insurmountable outside a few limited areas — most notably Silicon Valley — Endeavor focused on stimulating global entrepreneurial activity by providing mentorship to innovative founders based in emerging markets.

Today, Endeavor has established a presence in nearly 40 markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and underserved areas of Europe and the United States, and has evolved over two decades to reflect new realities and new opportunities. With support from Endeavor’s worldwide mentor network, Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created over 3 million jobs , generate more than $20 billion in revenue each year, and inspire future generations to innovate and take risks, building strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets.


Entrepreneur First

We are an organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs.

Network Of Trust

Our community is built on mutual trust and respect.

Going Big

We see crazy as a compliment and aim toward aspirational goals.

Paying It Forward

We strive to multiply our impact.

One Endeavor

We are borderless, unified by a passion for high-impact entrepreneurship.

Endeavor Model

Endeavor’s 500+ team members and worldwide network painstakingly probe all our markets to identify qualified entrepreneurs for Endeavor’s selection process.

Endeavor candidates operate in many industries —enterprise software and services, fintech, food & beverage, education, healthcare, agriculture, retail and consumer tech, and smart cities.

We look for entrepreneurs leading innovative companies that are solving real problems at significant scale. Endeavor provides a merit-based platform open to all entrepreneurs who dream big and create high-growth companies.

We meet some founders early and follow them through local scale-up programs to build our search & selection pipeline. We encounter others who have raised capital, and still others who are already “unicorns” (tech companies valued at US$1BN) yet still have room to grow.

In evaluating candidates for Endeavor, we are guided by the following questions:

  1. Can these entrepreneurs scale their companies at least 10x beyond where they are today (or even more than 10x if the business is currently under US$5M in annual revenue)?;
  2. Do they possess the growth mindset and values of the global Endeavor community?;
  3. Will the entrepreneur(s) multiply their impact by learning how to be thought leaders and role models, and by using our platform to pay their success forward?

Global Footprint

Endeavor Egypt

In Egypt, Endeavor launched its operations in 2008 with a mandate to drive sustainable economic development by supporting local scale-up entrepreneurs.

Since its establishment, Endeavor Egypt has been a key player in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt and a pioneer of the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in the country. Endeavor Egypt today supports 57 entrepreneurs leading 36 companies across various industries and sectors, and whose role model and inspiring status multiplies the impact of their reach and success.